It’s been months since I’ve last updated my blog. I was kinda busy with some work but at the same time going around the country visiting Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro, Siargao, Cebu, Batangas, Laguna, Quezon, and with the most recent where I flew, in Boracay. Boracay on an August month might not be a good idea for your summer-like adventure fun. But listen. You can visit Boracay any time, any month or season, and you’ll still be in a lot of surprises. Just make sure you go far far away the white sand beach to make your Boracay trip more interesting.

That’s what I did when I went there in Boracay for a 4-day hotel staycation hosted by Azalea Hotels and Residences Boracay. If you want to know more of that trip, you may visit my other website for the Group Getaway stories.

Many people know Boracay simply as the White Sand Beach haven. But there’s more to this island.

ILIG-ILIGAN BEACH (Secret Beach No. 1)

Located at the northeastern side of the island, Ilig-Iligan Beach is a tiny beach that locals and guests refer to as ‘secret beach’. A lot of island visitors do not know this place yet. The beach is perfect for people who want to be away from the crowded white sand beach.

There is a cool and laid back vibe at Ilig-Iligan. You can frolic, get sun-stoked, and swim in the clear water without thinking of other beach goers wandering in sight. There’s also an Instagrammable portion of the beach where there are rock formations you can take pictures with. Ilig-Iligan is also a perfect snorkeling spot for your added adventure itinerary.

You can set up a tent and camp out with your significant other and just simply enjoy the paradise scenery all day long.

There’s a hut where you can grab a snack or order fresh coconut ‘buko’ juice to quench that thirst brought by the summer-like heat rays of the sun on dry season.

Ilig-Iligan beach is a reminder that there is still an untouched paradise in Boracay.

BILAT BEACH (Secret Beach No. 2)

Bilat (pronounced as ‘bee-lat’) Beach is another gem of paradise that will bring your lost love for Boracay back once more. That is if you think that Boracay has already lost its charm.

If you have a falling-out with Boracay, get out of the white beach, explore the island, and discover new things. Excite yourself with new adventures each time you visit the island. Include Bilat Beach as one of your next must-to-go list when you return in this island.

When there is low tide, you can see the splashes of water cascading through rocks covered by green moss along the fine pebbles and sand by the shoreline which makes the beach more fantastic to view. The small waves make a quiet pounding against the rocks while baby crabs rush to the sand that hides from the splashes of the sea water.

There’s also a small cave and large rock formations along the shore. Just be careful and watch your steps because it’s a little bit slippery inside the cave.

Bilat is located between Puka and Ilig-Iligan beaches. Carabao Island is just across Bilat and if there are day tours, you can ask your guide to bring you there.

Bilat Beach stop-over is also a part of Boracay Adventure World’s ATV and Buggy Off-road adventure ride. Explore Bilat and enjoy the scenic view of the horizon but make sure you don’t get left behind when the tour guide starts to blow the whistle.

DINIWID BEACH (Secret Beach No. 3)

Also in Brgy. Balabag, there’s another hangout that you’ll be able to discover only if you know more of the island. Diniwid Beach is among the ‘secret beaches’ that houses a couple of resorts for backpackers and group travelers. There are narrow passages that one must take to reach Diniwid Beach. You need to walk for 15 minutes from Station 1 or hail a tricycle from D’ Mall to bring you to Diniwid Beach. You’ll spend about P100 for that trike ride.

The day I visited Diniwid Beach was a rather timing for high tide and strong waves that slams the seashore. The sea seems to be in a violent rage because of the habagat season and that gave me a different view of the island that very moment.

There’s also a popular restaurant called Spider House that is visited by many tourists here. So if you get hungry, know that there is a place where you can relax and chill while enjoying the great food that they offer.

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