Quickie is anything done in a very quick manner or in haste, sometimes falling short of a time yet still having a great experience. And that’s how I’ll define my recent trip to Baler. Quickie. Done in 24 hours.

Day 1

After spending more than 5 hours on the road traveling, me and bloggers  Az and Athena, who rode as back-riders, arrived in Baler past 12 noon last September 8. We joined the Ride Along Motorcycle Tours organized by Travel Concierge.

The Ride Along Motorcycle Tours is a new and exciting way to travel in featured Philippine destinations by cruiser bikes like Harley Davidson and Kawasaki big bikes. We were joined by professional motorcycle riders in our trip to Baler. Visit my other blog for the Day 1 Ride Along Motorcycle Tours background story.

Old Parola Seaside Cottages

Upon reaching the town of Baler, we had our lunch in one of the karinderyas near Dona Aurora house. After that, we checked-in at Old Parola Seaside Cottages where we were booked for the overnight. Old Parola is a beach resort that is just a few steps away from Sabang Beach shoreline.

Traveling by bike on long hours is exhausting, but of course, enjoyable. But without stops, your legs will feel the tension and the muscles on your buttock will cramp like crazy. And you can’t afford to dose off while on the road when the bike is moving 90-120 kph. I took a short nap as soon as I entered my room that afternoon.

Surfing 101

Around 4 PM we were told that we will be learning some basic surfing lesson.

This trip to Baler was really memorable because it’s not only my first time to visit this town, it’s also my first to learn how to do basic surfing.

Well, it wasn’t easy and there were a lot of fails during the one hour lesson. Needless to say, we passed and were given certificates by Freedom Surf School to authenticate our first brush with the waves of Sabang.

I can now tick off ‘Surfing in Baler’ from my bucket list.

After the basic surfing lesson we went back to the resort to freshen up and prepare for dinner.

Dialyn’s Bakeshop

Before I forget to mention, we also dropped by at Dialyn’s. Pat, the man behind the ride along motorcycle trip to Baler, recommended this bakeshop for us to try the bakeshop’s best-seller, dulce de leche.

Pat and his wife Lala bought 3 flavors and were served as our dessert after dinner at The Shack.

The Shack

The Shack is also managed by the owners of Old Parola Seaside Cottages. The Shack is an Indian-Arabic-Filipino restaurant and is the only kind in Baler or elsewhere in Aurora.

Aside from Indian-Arabic cuisine, they also serve all-time Filipino breakfast like Tapsilog, Longsilog, Daingsilog and other main dish like Bistek Tagalog.

The Massage

Around 10 PM, 2 hours after dinner, me and Az decided to request for the on-call Swedish Massage arranged through Old Parola. The massage pampering costs P400 each and it made me feel good before going to bed that evening. It’s soothing and relaxing.  I would recommend a full hour massage to everyone traveling to Baler by bike and after that surfing tutorial. Trust me. You’ll need it.

Day 2

I woke up around 8 AM the next day. Had Tapsilog for breakfast paired with instant coffee.

After breakfast, Pat gave us one-hour free time for a quick tour of the town. And so I learned that aside from surfing, there are beautiful places to see and other things to do in Baler.


You can visit Museo de Baler and Doña Aurora House. Baler also prides itself with two waterfalls. Other places to see in Baler are Ermita Hills, Cobra Reef, Aniao Islets, Dicasalarin Cove, and Baler Church.

Brian, from Old Parola who assisted us, mentioned that it’s zero-crime rate in his town. There is little or no crime-related happenings as far as he remembers. That is good to hear. Tourism is booming in Baler and we can see that the local government is bent on pushing the beautification of this town. It made us feel more safer in Baler hearing those words.


The tour of the town was really short because we need to check out early and get back with our ride back to Manila. We were only able to visit Balete Park; bought souvenirs at the Pasalubong Center; and took obligatory photos in front of the town landmark before leaving Baler.

We got back on the road by 11 AM.

Overnight in Baler is okay but it might not be great for travelers who want to explore the whole province of Aurora. Also, if you really want to learn surfing, you must stay for a couple of days more or even a week to perfect it.

Aside from that, Baler is a beautiful town. Experience it yourself. Don’t just read it in the magazine. Travel to Baler, while you can.

If you want to participate and join this ride along tours, visit to inquire. They have a lot in store for those who dare joining the tour.

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